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Have yourself a Merry Christmas!

      Last night I drove through the dark landscape. There were lights on the houses and on the trees along the way, many windows were brightly lit by stars, Santa Claus was climbing up the one or the other facade and in front of some houses were illuminated snowmen and women. Everything seemed to glitter a bit. I was driving, I listened to Christmas music and I had a wonderful tingling in my belly…. It is almost Christmas! I am looking forward to Christmas! Advent is already a unique time. It smells of hot spiced wine, waffles, cocoa, we are try to meet friends, taste homemade cookies and wish each other a joyful Advent. Everyone is cheerful, and especially during this crazy and strange COVID time, it feels as if everyone is getting emotionally closer together. This year I truly feel that it is a beautiful time and for the first time in years I don’t miss anything. I'm really enjoying this year Christmas and the Advent, the weeks before Christmas. I am prepared. Emotionall