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Change of perspective

  Our friends gave us a tree as a gift when we married. In a pot, to be planted in the ground soon or sometime in the future. That was seven years ago. This tree has been on our balcony ever since, waiting for the soil that will probably never come. Exactly one year ago we finished our ICSI journey. The end came slowly but somehow predictably. It came quietly, silently, like a cloud surrounding me from top to bottom.   The fog lifted slowly and I felt like I was somehow disoriented. At that time I wrote this text   "New rooms"   which Klara published on her blog. (Thanks Klara!!!) Well, and now? One year ago I looked at the tree and imagined it being planted in a garden. I imagined how it would grow and get strong and blossom. My perspective has changed.  Our perspective has changed. Something I never thought could be possible is happening. My life is picking up speed, I now know where I want to be, what I want to do, how I want to live. We are looking for an apar