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I've been thinking lately about why living just as Two is so difficult to accept. I think it has something to do with identity. Who am I, who do I want to be and where do I belong. It takes quite a bit of strength and energy to fill the new rooms in my life with color, to find myself anew. I know that I live a very self-determined life, that I am aware of my values and the principles I follow. I know my strengths and weaknesses. However, an identity also creates a sense of belonging. In my professional life, I feel very comfortable and have no trouble at all defining myself. This is simply because this part of my life has always been child-free. In my personal life, it is definitely more difficult. I haven't really found my role and my position yet. In fact, it sometimes feels like I've lost my sense of self and my identity to some extent. When I'm in an environment where perhaps the children are already out of the house or are at an age where they no longer dom