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In my last post I wrote about belonging.

This Christmas I received several wonderful gifts and I realized that I already belong into the family world.

The one wonderful gift I got was from my good friend's daughter. Early in the morning on the first day of Christmas, I got a message on my cell phone with a Christmas greeting from this little girl. The language was so clearly childlike that I realized she must have written it herself. I replied and my friend wrote later to me that this little girl urgently wanted to send a Christmas greeting to me and my husband. 

This reminded me of sometime during the summer when we had received a postcard from her when the family was on vacation. At the time, I had assumed that her mother might have set it up, but my friend assured me that wasn't the case. She had asked her daughter at the time who she wanted to write a card to, and in a second without even thinking she answered that she wanted to write to my husband and me.

I remembered a visit in the fall. My little friend led me straight to her room, she closed the door, sat down across from me, looked at me seriously and told me about her struggle with her "bad" parents. (don’t worry it was nothing serious more about bedtimes and so on…)

How much trust. I was so touched.

I felt the same way with nieces and nephews, with other friends' children. This Christmas realized that I actually have a good place in this family world. Of course, I am not like a mom. But I can give my full attention to the little people, as an older friend, without being distracted by my own children and I realized this Christmas that I have a very special place in the lives of these little gorgeous people. 

What a gift! 

I hope you felt Christmas too. For those who struggle with Christmas I hope you still had a small and warm light to enjoy! It will get better!

2023 is almost there and I am already curious what the new year might bring, I am certain, it will be a good year!

I wish you a Happy New Year full of joy, new perspectives, great opportunities and happiness!


  1. Such a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing. Just found your blog through others I follow. A belated welcome on the eve of a new year. Returning the very same good wishes and sweetness you send for 2023! Happy New Year...!

  2. Dear Lilly,
    this is heartwarming to read! I am happy for you that you have found a special place in the heart of these children.
    A happy and healthy 2023 to you as well!

  3. So wonderful! It is lovely to be a special person to young people in your family and friends circles. It's not the same as being a mom, but it sure is heartwarming to be not just included but celebrated by small humans. Happy holidays, Happy New Year!

  4. This post is awesome! I am so glad your little friend has you to confide in. We all need people on our team, and it sounds like the two of you can really be there for each other in different, age-appropriate ways. I love this. <3


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